Skyrim Saves & Dropbox (Windows)

Here’s how to stick your save games in the excellent Dropbox so you can share them across computers or just have an online backup.

  1. Get Dropbox. The link above will give me and you an extra 250Mb of storage but if you prefer to go directly to the site feel free:
  2. Get Link Shell Extension. You’ll use this to link your Dropbox back into where the Skyrim saves should be.
  3. Find your Skyrim save files. On my system they’re in: C:\Users<username>\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Saves.
  4. Find your Dropbox folder. On my system they’re in: C:\Users<username>\Documents\Dropbox. You can just right click on the Dropbox icon in the system tray and select Open Dropbox folder to find it.
  5. Move your Skyrim saves folder to wherever you want it in Dropbox. I suggest a folder called Skyrim in your Dropbox folder but you might want a different structure. If you want to be extra safe just copy the folder instead of moving it and rename the original to something like saves.backup.
  6. Here’s where you use Link Shell Extension. Right click on the saves folder in your Dropbox and select Pick Link Source, go back to C:\Users<username>\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\, right click in some blank space and select Drop As.. then Junction.
  7. That’s it. Your Skyrim saves should now be ensconced in Dropbox.

Note that Skyrim saves are pretty big and seem to get bigger the longer you play. I would recommend you overwrite saves rather than creating a new save each time if you don’t want to use up your Dropbox allowance pretty quickly.

EDIT: The superb Lifehacker has an article detailing other ways to do this. I’d steer clear of SyncToy for this one though.

Blockade Runner

Checkout the Nerd³ intro to Blockade Runner. Looks like this could become something awesome.

Tiny Invaders

Check out the new game from HogRocket. I was lucky enough to give this a go before launch and it was great fun. I’m however not quite lucky enough to own an iThing so I guess I’ll have to cross my fingers for an Android release. Click the image for a linky.



See this screenshot? Just a normal minecraft forest right?


Cunningly disguised as a tree there is a rad as fuck tree house i made, i bet you didn’t even see it god-damn it’s so beautiful. 

took me a while to find that tree house, oh man. very well-hidden.

I still don’t see it :(

(Source: bischufanclub)

jacobisthebest1027 said: can i see a picture of that black and white thing thats in the post with the last invader

Sure, take a look here.

Last invader.

The second space invader FROM HELL! Or The Nether at least!

Space invader idea stolen from inspired by minecraftworld5. I need to make the other invaders now!

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